ARTIST Q&A: Dave Juric

YUNG CLUB is proud to welcome resident playlist DJ Dave Juric to our Selfridges exhibition from May 25 to June 10. So far this year Dave has already supported Carl Cox on NYD and played alongside Henry Saiz, Sébastien Léger, Thomas Schumacher as well as UK legend Jody Wisternoff. One of the highlights for Dave last year was playing a warm-up set for his musical hero Henry Saiz which was then selected by Red Bull as one of the 10 Best Sets of 2015.

For YUNG CLUB X Selfridges, Melbourne’s Dave Juric will be our resident DEEP SEA playlist DJ.

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What first attracted you to DJing?
Ultimately it was just a pure unadulterated love of music. I always had this desire to share the music I loved with others. For my whole life it’s been about seeking out tracks that maybe weren’t on the radio or popular. It was all about the random tracks on albums, or songs that I’d hear from my brothers or my friends. I had this massive CD collection as a kid. Mainly hip hop to start but as I got older I discovered Dimitri from Paris – Night at the Playboy Mansion and Daft Punk and my exploration into house / disco and electronic music blossomed from there. I think at the end of the day I still have that same desire; to seek out hidden gems and share them with people.

What do you look for in a perfect club song?
Tough question! I guess for me, what I’m looking for is some sort of syncopated rhythm. I’m always drawn to tracks that have swing to it, something to make the shoulders move. Again it’s drawn to that hip hop background of mine, funk / soul & breaks is a big part of my DNA so even if I’m playing house or techno I love finding tracks that have that same sort of broken or swinging beat.

Why do you think music helps motivate movement?
I have no doubt it’s purely a primal reaction. Rhythms and repetition go back forever. Dancing is one of those brilliant cathartic experiences as well, releases endorphins and all that jazz. It can also be an incredibly social experience. The right music at the right moment in the right environment is magic.

How would you describe your style?
I was talking to a group of people the other day who asked me that same question. Now these people weren’t necessarily versed in the specific language of my scene so if I said I play a blend of melodic house & techno they wouldn’t have a point of reference to relate to.

The word that I used to describe my style is warm. Regardless of genre, I always try to bring an element of warmth to my sound, be that through melodies, basslines or a vocal hook.

What new tracks have you got on repeat and why?
I buy new tracks every week so I have hundreds to choose from so I’m just going to go back to my last week or so and find tracks that have that warmth that I was just talking about.

Each of these have this really warm spacey vibe that kind of traps you in this sort of loopy vortex. Also the vocal on ‘Soak It’ are sexy as hell. I’m a sucker for a female vocal.

Red Axes – Way to Neptune

Hyenah - Soak It Feat. Nonku (Andre Lodemann Remix)

Daraspa - Patterns (Deepfunk Remix)