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The Refinery

The Refinery's Yoga studios provides a fun and funky yet relaxed environment where you will be positively energised and allow full disconnect from your daily challenges. Every Sunday 3 to 4 Yung Club founder Rebecca will teach in one of the four different immersions.

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We work with Airbnb to give an unforgettable trips for people who want to experience to see a different side of London. The Psychedelic Yoga Hosted by Yung Club will get to know authentic Hackney through food, immersive yoga, fashion, and art.

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Selfridges London

We collaborated with Selfridges to create immersive yogic escape with bespoke DJ playlists and sound-reactive, themed animations in their other-worldly Mothership installation, which can Transport your body and brain in this projection-mapped festival of fitness where you'll never have the same experience twice.

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