Our Story

Yung Club creates immersive experiences by engaging all of the senses synchronising energetic playlists with music reactive animations.

The Yung Club philosophies encourage collaborations and partners which have included Selfridges and the Every body campaign, The Refinery, Air BnB.

The rules are there are no rules. Yung Club philosophies encourage non-competitive exercise which is motivated by seeking pleasurable experiences rather than vanity and a pain gain attitude to exercise. We believe imperfections are perfections and celebrate the body and minds individuality through self-expression and freedom.

By taking the audience on immersive journeys into the wild, sea, city and space the audience can escape themselves and come back feeling the best version of them.

The launch of the athleisure collection marks the cultural diversity of the brand uniting people through fashion, art, music and philosophies. In Yung Loves monthly interviews reveal stories and ideas worth sharing. We want to reveal the science of yoga and its connection to the healthy mind.

Making new friends and a lively social life explains the club aspect which enables new people to meet over dinner and drink wine after their euphoric yoga.

Yung Club was rebranded in 2015 from its original name Pop Yoga founded in 2013 by Rebecca Russell-Turner. On a rainy Janurary night in 2011 Rebecca decided to ditch her TV and fly to India to train as a yoga teacher. As a former PA to Woody Harrelson she had become inspired by him to try mediation and yoga. When she came back from India she combined her talents of styling, art and fashion and love of music and created Pop Yoga in Vogue Fabrics, a nightclub in Dalston. Pop Yoga popped up all over the place from Fringe Festival to Oval Space to a residencies at the Proud Archivist and LCCA. Her vision for the brand is to revolutionize exercise with euphoric yoga and exercise adhering to a commitment from the audience through fun and pleasure. She believes that anxiety can be changed to excitment with kundalini yoga system, therefore unlocking the potential of of creativity and becoming the best version of one self. Rebecca Russell-Turner is an MA fashion lecturer at BCU. She believes that the future of the British High Street and connecting brands with people is through immersive experiences.