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Selfridges is running Psycle classes, talks with guest speakers and an ‘immersive yoga, light and sound experience’ by Yung Club.
Immersive yoga pioneers Yung Club will be hosting work-outs in a ‘Mothership Installation’ with sound-reactive animations of space and the sea projected onto the walls. All the better for taking a killer Instagram mid-downward dog.
Yung Club yoga creates an immersive escape with music and sound-reactive animations.
The opening of the Body Studio in Selfridges’ London flagship store this week also sees the launch of their everyBODY campaign; cue panel discussions on body diversity and the world’s first in store fitness space hosted by cult spinning destination Psycle and Yung Club.
Loved it. Such a unique, original and powerful format for a yoga class. Environment, atmosphere, scent/smell, language, music, visuals, movement - total immersion. It’s happening in the spinning world, much needed in yoga. The world has been crying out for this!

— Nikhil Shah, Co-founder Mixcloud
It’s yoga like you’ve never seen it before! The Yung Club are breathing new life into the spiritual, mental and physical practice, through vibrant background music, lively movements and thrilling sound-reactive light displays.

— Secret London
I am tempted to call Yung Club Yoga classes an art installation rather than just a practice, as the immersive body, light and sound experience brings the class to a new level.
The experience itself is truly something else. Music informs the visuals, which in turn inform your body movements in perfect flow.


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